Quick personal update

Well, well, this week is being intense!
I went to the doctor two days ago to collect a certificate that I would give to my uni so I could get up to four weeks off to heal.
The doctor examined me, asked me how I was faring.
- Well, you know, I am feeling slightly better. I am far from well, but the medication at least makes it standable.
- So, if you leave, when are you back?
- Around Christmas.
- Then I will see you at Christmastime.
- Does this mean I can leave?
- Well, we can do nothing else right now or for the next few months. We must wait, and the treatment seems to be working. It is going to be slow, and do not expect miracles, you will have small attacks sometimes. You need to be careful, but you can be careful both here and there. I am giving you everything you need to take to your GP once you're in the UK. As long as you keep it under control, it is your call.

Which means I am off on Sunday. Friends and especially family are against this, but to be fair, this is not one of those illnesses in which the presence of someone matters. No one can do a thing, not even me, sometimes. No crazy student life for me, at least for now; granted. But I get to be there.

In addition, advancing myself for the first time in this blog's history, I am writing a few posts of analytical/political nature and saving the drafts, and I will publish them some time during the next few weeks.

I leave you with the titles:
- Democracy's deficits.
- The fallacies of equality.
- Family matters.

Oh, and it seems I will be writing occasionally for a current affairs website soon. Once I know more I will give you more details. But I am so excited to finally get to share my writings somewhere else!


  1. Can't wait for those posts to see the light.

  2. The first one is now up!

    Oh, y esta semana publicarán mi primer artículo en esta web adonde he empezado a colaborar. Haré un poco de autobombo con el enlace cuando esté publicado ;)


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