Happy New Year!

I do not really wish to go very deep into analysing how my 2010 has been.
This year, something happened to me that had never happened to me ever before. I have ended the year in a complete different way that it started. Really. Lots of things change every year, but there is more or less a stability, some things you know, some things you imagine.
2010 has been a year for change. Lots of it. And more to come. This year I know.

At the beginning of the year, I was a bit ill. I did not really think it was too serious, and was confident I would overcome it soon. I was at a school, and even though I could notice it was not the same as my old school (after 12 years, how could it be?) I was fairly happy with the teachers, the work and the people I'd met there. We had recently had some important losses, so for Christmas we summoned all our family and spent it together, trying to forget the mourning ones and others were going through at that very moment. A close relative had recently been diagnosed breast cancer (two days before Christmas). So all in all, we were kinda devastated.
All that in the last three months of 2009. Before that, some pretty bad things had happened too. Some good things, but the bad things clearly outnumbered the bad ones. 2009 is a year to forget.
It's 9 hours till 2011, where I live.
I am self teaching A-levels. I am out of school. I am no longer ill though somehow I never seem to have healed. I am going to Málaga in a week and a half, for 10 days, to sit my AS exams. I have sent my UCAS. I have received an offer from York, and a rejection from Durham. I have been interviewed at Cambridge.
We can't bring back the dead, but we seem to be coping pretty well, though we remember them every day. The relative with breast cancer is almost healed, and we're really happy about it.
I have been to England three times in the last six months. Once to Scotland, too. Though shortly, I've also been in Paris.
One of my best friends has moved to Italy. I've met some new amazing people, and partly I must be thankful to my friend in Italy. By leaving he united us.
I've realised some people who I thought acquaintances are in fact true friends. I've realised more people love me than I had ever thought.

2010 has been a year of hardship. Things have been harder than ever. I have had some really low moments. Moments where I really thought I would die soon. Moments where I thought none of this is really worth it. Moments where I've thought of giving up.
But no. To all those who thought I wouldn't make it, here you have me! I've made it. It's been really hard, it's being really hard, but we're on the right track.
I have learnt so much about myself. I have learnt so much about others.

To all those who have taken part in this, I must say thank you. If I've been able to make it, it's because of you. You reminded me I am good enough, despite circumstances seemingly hindering. You have given me reasons to carry on: you.
Feeling loved is really important. When you're surrounded by the best of people in the world, you (I) feel incredibly lucky.
I will probably end 2011 living in another country. I won't be longer underage (in fact, it's just over a month until I'm 18!). I will have changed. Life will have brought me somewhere I can't imagine right now. But as long as you're still there, it will be great.

Thanks all. Happy New Year!

PS: Lately I've been posting mainly in Spanish, so here you have a post entirely and only in English. The last of the year.


  1. All my best wishes to you and very happy new year too!


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