UCAS process (I)

I sent my application last Thursday. The final choices are:
BSc Politics; University of Bristol.
BA Politics, Psychology and Sociology; University of Cambridge.
BA International Relations; Durham University.
MA International Relations; University of St Andrews.
BA Politics and International Relations; University of York.

(In alphabetical order, not in order of preference.)

So far I've been sent the SAQ by Cambridge and have been acknowledged* by St Andrews and York. York say simply my application will now be passed on to selectors for consideration. Meanwhile, St Andrews say they do not usually make any decisions before the application deadline, so that I will most probably hear from them between the 15th of January and the 31st of March.

Let's hope everything goes okay. Fingers crossed.

*to be acknowledged by X uni: The Uni of X sends you an e-mail acknowledging that you have applied to them, telling you that your application has been passed on to admission officers and that you will hear their decision in a few weeks/months.


  1. It always puzzles me why a degree in Politics (for example, it happens with Psychology as well) can be a Science degree in one uni or an Arts degree in another.....

    Fingers crossed and good luck!

  2. Thanks to both of you!

    Maria, sometimes it can get even weirder. Mathematics in St Andrews may be a Master of Arts (Scottish MA = English BA).

    For Politics it is pretty irrelevant whether it's a BA or a BSc (the courses are similar and, as far as I know, no uni offers both). For Psychology, on the other hand, the course is really different and usually a BSc and a BA lead to different career paths. Generally, the BPS approves more BSc's than BAs.
    In Spain there's no such distinction between the Arts and the Sciences, I believe?



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