Menudo mes. Llevo, nada más que en los tres últimos findes, 2300km. Entre semana algunos más. La semana que viene contará con otros 1500km-1800km. Salgo de fiesta cada vez que puedo, y si no, estoy ocupado igualmente. Estudiando, con la bici, etc.

Pero sigo vivo.
Sólo quería publicar este email que he descubierto en el correo no deseado de mi inbox de Hotmail. ¿Adónde vamos a llegar?

In English:
What a month. I've done around 1500 mi in the last three weekends. Weekdays apart. Next week will be more than 1000 mi more. I'm going out whenever I can, and if I'm not out (partying, etc.), I'm still busy, studying or doing some sport.

But I'm still alive.
I only wanted to publish this e-mail I've found out in the Spam inbox in my Hotmail account. Where we all will end up, if we act like this?

If you are already intelligent, don't visit university; just buy a diploma.

Education and actually diploma is the main document
that you should show to your employer, though sometimes happens
that on this or that reason you don’t have one and employer offers you a lower salary.
Nowadays this problem can be solved easily due to our service.
We can turn you into a valuable employee in no time.
We can help you get your diploma faster than you would attend university.
Contact us right now through the following coordinates to get a prompt consultation:
Inside USA.: 1-718-XXX-XXXX
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You should leave your first and last name and your telephone number (along with country code) and one of our qualified consultants will contact you as soon as possible.
Develop yourself and get a better job tomorrow!


  1. Una mostra més del que provoquen els diners. Hi ha gent que està molt malalta.

  2. En la ciudad de México hay una calle donde hay muchas imprentas, ahí puedes conseguir lo que quieras, desde facturas, invitaciones, tarjetas de presentación y como no, títulos universitarios de cualquier especialidad y cualquier universidad mexicana

  3. Un-freakin'-believable.


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