La crisis Ninja

El post del FCE tendrá que esperar.

Simplemente avisar que pasado mañana, viernes 6 de febrero, es mi cumpleaños. Y para el que no sepa qué regalarme, aquí tiene la respuesta.

English version:
The FCE post will have to wait.

Basically I want to warn everybody that this Friday, February 6th, is my birthday. And to the one who doesn't know what to give me, here she/he got a clue.


  1. feliz cumple.

    el libro imagino estara mejor, pero el pdf esta bien para ir leyendo !

  2. Do u want me to give you a book which costs around Rs. 1000?? Do you how many days I can have food in my International School with that money(Rs. 1,75 per day)? You want me to starve so to give you a book?! Don't be that malicious!

    Teik ker


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