Slumdog Millionaire

Por primera vez en años estoy deseando que se estrene una película para ir a verla. En este caso se trata de Slumdog Millionaire, una producción británica que trata sobre un joven indio (Dev Patel, nacido y criado en Londres de padres kenianos y abuelos gujaratis) de un slum (barrio de chabolas) de las afueras de Mumbai que va a concursar a Kaun Banega Crorepati, que no deja de ser la versión india de "¿Quién quiere ser millonario?".
La película se estrenará el 13 de febrero, aquí en España. Pero desde luego, no pienso ir al cine: odio el doblaje, y odio los precios abusivos por ver algo doblado con una calidad que deja mucho que desear.
¿Alguien sabe cuándo se estrenará en DVD, Blu-ray, VCD o lo que sea?

Si alguien quiere ver el trailer, lo puede ver en castellano o en inglés - no lo engancho porque el que está en inglés tiene la inserción desactivada, y para insertar uno... no cuesta nada pulsar un enlace.

Y ahora os dejo, me voy a ver The Darjeeling Limited, por seguir con la India...
Edit: La he visto, y no es que se vea demasiado del país, pero lo que se ve no está mal.

English translation:
This is the first time in at least three years that I'm wishing to watch a film in the cinema. This time it is Slumdog Millionaire, a British film whose plot is about an Indian guy (Dev Patel, born in London of Kenyan parents and Gujarati grandparents) from a slum in the outskirts of Mumbai, who goes to a quiz (Kaun Banega Crorepati, the Indian version of "Who wants to be a millionaire?").
The movie will be released (here in Spain) in February, 13th. But, of course, I'm not gonna go to the cinema: I hate movie's translations, and I hate the overwhelmingly expensive rates to watch a bad-quality translated film.
Does anybody know when will this film be released in DVD, Blu-ray, VCD or whatever?
If anybody wants to watch the trailer, here it is. The video is not paste 'cause the insertion is deactivated for this video.

(Esa es otra, he decidido copiar "vilmente" a In Varietate Concordia y a partir de ahora todos los posts intentaré que sean en español y en inglés, y si me da la vena, pues en catalán también.)


  1. Aqui se estrenó el 23, ayer mismo. Como ahora estoy en la mañana del sabado, esta tarde a lo mejor voy, pero no sé si hay versión en ingles, aunque yo como ya domino el hindi(jajajajajxDD)

  2. Y la verdad es que ver el trailer de Slumdog en castellano no me da buena impresión, lo veo muy artificial...

    Es como ver Espartaco en catalán o Transporters en Hindi...

  3. Pinta tan bé, aquesta pel·lícula, que me l'he apuntada per anar-la a veure quan l'estrenin. Als Verdi i als Icaria segur que la faran, i allà només hi ha VO.

    PS: Em sembla molt bé la "còpia vil" :-)

  4. I hardly ever go to the movies, what do you mean by "translations"? No films except some cartoons for kids are dubbed in Finland. We always have the original language with subtitles. I learn how to pronounce foreign languages this way. But mostly from television. I love good movies, they only are a few years old when I see them on TV:-) On Saturday I saw The Pianist and I adored it, an excellent performance from the Oscar winning Adrien Brody. Your Slumdog Millionaire seems interesting from what I read in The Internet Movie Database..

  5. By "translations" I mean "dubbed films". Here all the films, series, etc are dubbed. All, no exceptions. If I'm not wrong, it comes from the censorship applied by Franco's government. In Italy and in Germany everything is dubbed due to the same censorship, applied respectively by Mussolini's and Hitler's governments, 'cause dubbing they had the security that all the things they weren't interested in were removed, and even sometimes they were added allusions and praises to those dictatorships.

    If you realise, the countries in Europe where English's use is not so spread are actually Spain, Italy and Germany (in this order, I think).

    (Sorry, my English is not so well, if I made any mistake please make me notice it. Thank you.)


  6. Your English is better than mine and a light year from my Catalan:-) We in Finland don't dub anything as we have no resources. Besides, once they tried to do one serial as a Christmas present for viewers of an American soap and all the people hated it!! The first time I heard a dubbed film was in Germany in the sixties, some young boys took us to see James Bond, The Goldfinger! I didn't believe my ears!
    In France they also do this dubbing I have understood. Maybe you just accuse Franco of everything the same way that people accused George W Bush:-D But Franco was a horrible man, so no joking. I speak Finnish. I couldn't tell your errors in English language any better than my own, lol!!! I am happy to find a person who speaks English. It is my second best language. I don't speak Spanish. Here in the north we went first to the second domestic (Swedish) although it is a minority in Finland everyone had to learn it until recently!! 4 % of the population are Swedish speaking.. I love languages but Swedish not so very much as it was a must. A Finnish tango from an Aki Kaurismäki movie to thank you for the reply:-): Olavi Virta - Et Kyyneltä Nää - Free MP3 Stream on IMEEM Music

  7. Sergio, Congratulations, you have an excellent level of english, where did u learn it?. Its even better than mine, and by writing your posts in both lenguages will be an excellent way to improve it.

  8. Thank you very much for the tango. It's possible that in the next post I post some songs. Let me think about it.

    Santy, I learnt it in every possible ways, except the normal ones, of course. I went once (when I was 7) to an English Academy. It went out of business three months later, and I never got back to an academy (to learn English) until last September, when I started to attend a FCE preparation course, exam I sat for last December and tomorrow (30th) I'll know the mark. But I'm no longer attending this course, as I have sat yet for the exam, so it's a waste of both money and time.
    So I learnt it... I don't know how, in fact. All the movies I watch are in English, and now I think no longer need the (English) subtitles, 'cause my comprehension has increased a bit too in these last months. I really like to read in English, and if the book was originally written in English, I try to read it in English (however, it's difficult to find books written in English in Spain, as you must know). But I try.
    I got a few friends abroad, in countries such as UK, Russia, Germany, France, even Japan.
    Oh, I forgot, last summer I was in Ireland for two weeks improving a bit.
    Besides, I watch TV in English, I use to read press in English (The Strait Times, The Times of India, The People's Daily, The Times (London), etc.). And in Internet, I surf mostly pages in English (all the Wikipedia pages I visit are in English).
    If you allow me so, I'd like to post this comment as a blog post, explaining how I got this quite-low-anyway level of English.
    By the way, I got now a close relative on his way to Mexico (he must be now in half-way, if this exists). He's gonna be a week in Mexico City, and although he's been there for ten times before (at least), any piece of advice?

    (Si alguien quiere que lo traduzca, que avise, que ahora no me apetece.)

  9. By the way, Santy, I forgot to thank you for your congratulations.

    Thank you again.


  10. (The first paragraph of my first comment after Santy's one is for Merike.)

  11. I'll be looking forward to your favourite music then!

  12. Un saludo desde India, que no está tan mal... :-)

    Y enhorabuena por haber aprobado tu exámen!

  13. Hi Sergio! Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    I had very high expectations for this movie (Slumdog Millionaire) as well... In my opinion it was o.k., but it was not the masterpiece I expected. However, I enjoyed having a peek at how life in the slums in Mumbai can be for some not-so-fortunate children. I understand that this is only a side of the story; I wish I knew more about a country like India.

    I profoundly dislike watching dubbed movies, it doesn't matter if they are originally in English or in Wolof or any other language, known or unknown to me... The years I spent in Norway were, in that sense, *paradise*.

    The thing is, there are so many people in Spain who think they'd be lazy to "read subtitles", or who plainly reject subtitles without having experienced them much... And, on the other hand, we have the fact that it is an industry in Spain, so that even if subtitling would be much cheaper, we have both people in the dubbing business as well as spectators against it. Oh well... :-% No easy solution for us, I'm afraid.

    Have a very nice weekend!

  14. resido en dublín y la vi hace un par de semanas, es increible.. preciosa y muy original, también un poco dura por la realidad q muiestra d la india, si quieres ver mi opinión la puedes ver en mi blog,suelo escribir d cine y aquí estrenan las películas antes.

  15. L'he vist avui (Slumdog millionaire) i m'ha agradat, però potser una mica menys del que m'esperava. En qualsevol cas, em sembla una bona manera de conèixer aspectes de l'Índia que, no havent-hi estat mai, semblen no ser reals. Què heavy, això dels slums!

  16. I, of course, a newcomer to this blog, but the author does not agree

  17. Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life. God Bless :)


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