Hail in town

Yesterday there was hail all around my town, 15 miles away from Barcelona. Most incredible thing is that in Barcelona, at this little distance, was 20ºC and a big shining sun, while in town there was hail, thunderstorm, and about 9ºC.
As a matter of fact, I'm keen on storms, and bad weather (a.k.a. this), but maybe not too bad weather, because it is destroying the fields. But I hope there'll be storms, at least, about this whole week along.
The only bad thing is the fucking cold I've gotten of that. I cannot move, and I use to spend most of time on the bed... xD

According to El Periódico de Catalunya, between hail and water, it fell 51 litres per sq metre in Premià. Woaow!

(Si sigues leyendo, verás la entrada sobre China)


  1. hey pal....you better write in spanish.... your english sucks...
    Ray Logan...

  2. Maybe it does, I know. But, well, I think I talk good enough, if we know that I'm a non-native speaker. And... who the fuck are you?
    By the way, I have to say that in my blog I shall write in the fucking language I like, and nobody is gonna forbid me to do so. Okay?

  3. Hola!

    Ni puto caso al troll este, tu ingles es bastante bueno. Habria que ver su español...

    Nada solo saludarte y darte las gracias porque vi tu link a nuestro blog http://alt164-alt164.blogspot.com/

    Un abrazo.


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