Africa (I)

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya, a country in East Africa. As in all the countries of Africa, thereare lots of poor people, but I want to show you something: the prove that in Africa, not all is poverty or wealthiness. There is normality too. It happens the same in South Africa, in Namibia, and many more countries.
Nairobi, KE (Kenya)
Johannesburg, ZA (South Africa)
Johannesburg, ZA
Cape Town, ZA
Cape Town, ZA
Windhoek, NA (Namibia)

Windhoek, NA
Windhoek, NA

Gaborone, BW (Botswana)
Libreville, GA (Gabon)

Dar es Salaam, TZ (Tanzania)
Luanda, AO (Angola) (It is nearer than the other pictures to the Africa we know.)
Luanda, AO
Maputo, MZ (Mozambique)
Yaounde, CM (Cameroon)

(Sorry I've not found good pictures of Durban, in South Africa too.)
Now I don't want to explain, but I leave a couple of videos that will show you what I try to tell:
(Pay attention please to the minute 7.49')
This video is very funny, you'll realise (of course, if you know something about South Africa, the Apartheid, and the laws that are now, just in the other way than apartheid):

We'll always have this Africa too, of course:

Here you go. Another day, the same with Latin America.


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