Ireland (impressions when back) I

I have arrived from Ireland yet, as I said.
Of course, I wanna practice my English as much as I can, to preserve the most of the things I have learnt and improved.
For this, now I gonna explain you few things about my experience in the Emerald Island.
First of all, say that, generally, I have a very good sensation about the country. The people is quite friendly, although they are too a bit serious, and a little untidy most of them.
The country is gorgeous, marvelous, wonderful... It is, because of its beauty, its people, its everything.
Let's go with other things.

The public transport, at least in Dublin, is quite crap. It has not a whole net to cover all the city with subway. Actually there's no subway. The most similar thing is the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport), a train that has a single line that crosses Dublin from the north (Malahide or Howth) to the south (Dun Laoghaire, Bray or Greystones), passing through the three most important stations, near the centre of the city (Connolly Station, Tara Street Station and Pearse Station). But the frequencies are just rubbish, maybe at 7PM there is one train per way each half hour. I had never arrived to an urban train or subway station and had waited for more than ten minutes, and here I had to wait for 40 minutes, once. But, I must say the truth, the average waiting time in DART (at least for me) has been of 15/20 minutes.
Oh, almost I forgot! The price: is very expensive for Irish standard of life, and, of course, for Spanish standard of level.
Then we have Dublin Bus: shit. There's no other word (well: crap, idiot, rubbish, worst thing ever seen)... No, no, let's talk seriously. It is not so bad, but knowing that, according to UNO, Ireland is the 5th most developed country in the world (while Spain is the 13th, USA the 12th, and UK the 16th), you expect to a better public bus system. The frequencies, as happens with the DART, are quite low, and I have been (too) more than half an hour waiting at a bus stop for a bus, arriving ten minutes before its expected stopping time. (The bus was expected to arrive at 8.50AM and it arrived at 9.20AM.) And, of course, it is very expensive, with the adding that you must pay only with coins, and there's no change, they give you a ticket with the refund should have been given, and you must go to Dublin Bus' Central Offices, in O'Connell Street (I think between the Spire and Savoy Cinema).
I haven't used a lot the Luas, but I have seen is the best they have. Quite cheap (talking in Irish prices) and the frequencies are each four minutes, the needed. Now, the only inconvenient is that there are two stations closed: Busáras and Connolly Station, in the Red Line, because there is a reparing (don't ask me what and why, because I don't know).
Finally, the taxis are quite expensive, but not too much, just a little more than in Barcelona.

The buildings are, in the centre, of Georgian style, and on the suburbs, independent houses. It is a quiet life style, with no stressings, no high buildings, etc...

And right now I don't know of what more may I talk a little bit about. If you want me to explain something, just leave a comment asking me for that, and I'll be nice, if I know the answer, to tell it.

Greetings from Barcelona.


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