Today I gonna talk about Malaysia. As you know (I hope), Malaysia is a country in South-East Asia, that lies south Malay Peninsula and the north of Borneo.
Its official language is the Malay (Bahasa Melayu), similar to Bahasa Indonesia. It is a difficult language (you can see it here), but luckily Malaysia is a former British Colony, so English is very extended (half of subjects in compulsory education are taught in English, and the another half is taught in Bahasa Melayu; and almost everybody speak it).
Its populations rounds about 25 million people (little more than the half of Spain).
Malaysia is a developing country, a mix-up between Singapore (extremely developed) and Thailand (underdeveloped). Its nominal GDP per capita rounds about €6,000, which means an average salary of €500 per month.
I would like to live there, and you could ask why, if it is not a developed country. Easy: I like Malaysia.
I come back here tomorrow. Now I wanna leave.


  1. Sergio. Ja tinc la sesio :D
    com molaaaa


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