I love travelling. I really love it. I could be my whole life travelling all over around the world. I would like to meet as much countries as I could, and, if it was possible, live in one of them, which is out of Europe.
Now (and I say now, because it is possible that in some time my thoughts change) I have in mind Singapore, and, if I can be pilot, Malaysia is not bad. I could study there!
I do not know exactly what takes me to think about living abroad, but, sincerely, I do.
In four weeks I am going to Ireland (you know), and... perhaps, if I like the country, I could go there. But I do not think so, because of two reasons: it is not quite far, and, besides, there are a lot of Spaniards in Ireland, and I am searching for a place not too much crowded of Spaniards. I do not hate them, but in the other way, and I am one of them. Obviously it is always right if where you are there are some Spaniards. But this, only few, not too much, as in Dublin, or in France, or in Spain (obvious).
I am trying to learn English as better as I can to be able to run away. You know, foreign languages are important to travel, and English and Spanish (in a too lower level, but there is as well) are global and foreign languages. Also Chinese, but I start studying Chinese on September if I find an academy to do it, so I do not care about it.
In an other way, I fear terribly how I can feel if live alone overseas. I just want to do it, but this makes me feel a little afraid. Do you advise me something?

Well, I leave you with the hope that Spain (my country, at all) wins tomorrow the Euro2008.

(Sorry for not hanging any image, but I do not want to do it now. Thanks.)


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