Singapore Airlines

I like planes. I love planes. Actually I wannabe pilot.
For this, I love Singapore as well:
Singapore and aviation are both related one to each other, together.
The reason: Singapore Airlines.
This is the flag and national airline of a little country such as Singapore, but it does not seem so, because of its big fleet, its large careers, and, of course, its large and expanded route map. Singapore Airlines flights almost all the main cities of the most of the countries in the world.
It is well-known for its luxury and technology, as well as for its modern and new planes.
Actually nowadays it is the only airline that has in its fleet the biggest commercial airplane in the world; the Airbus A380.
Its capacity, if I remember it well, is about more than half thousand passengers, in the three-classes layout. If we talk about only Economic Class, the capacity grows into about 800 passengers. We must know that before the A380 exists, the biggest commercial airplane was the Boeing 747, and we must remember that its biggest capacity, only Economic seats, was about 400 passengers. So we have win more than the double of capacity. It is great!
For all this, I think the commercial aviation has evolved greatly, and I am so glad to say that maybe someday I will contribute to it. Because I love commercial aviation!

Finally, I leave you. I expect you enjoyed reading it!
PS: Of course, I invite you to correct my bad English!


  1. jejejeje ahora sii! bueno, a que ha venido esto de los blogs?? jeje, que me cambias la organizacion y no me entero de nada.. ya esuve yo meses par crear el fotolog. Bueno sergio, que me intentare pasar.. pero hazme recordar, porque sino... y que nos vemos, eh! el proximo fin de semana dicen... a ver quien organiza la movidda..
    (se que esta plagado de faltas, me tendras que dispensar por hoy)
    Un besoo!

  2. lamento no decir nada de interés...
    soy así de inútil. Sí, sigo siendo Gala.

  3. Hello Sergio!
    I've read all the text! jajaja xD
    Sorry, now I'm not inspired!
    Oh, tomorrow is the last day and we go to the beach(H)! And then, we've got holiday, oh yeaaah!I think we'll see us in the summer, but if we won't see us, have a nice holiday!

    See you tomorrow Sergio!
    (sorry if I did any mistake, I have to practise writing in english)


  4. sergiooo
    no dispongo d muchoo tiempo ke estoi cansada hoy xd
    peroo bueno, ya me lo mirare otroo dia bien:)
    ahoraa desearte feliz veranooooo:)
    y un besoo muy grandee!
    ns veremoss n dentro d muxoo

    soi lauraa!

  5. soooC l ainnaaa =)
    noo saviia q tinguesiis aqeet floog
    poo miira,,ara hi he entraat i t vuliia cumentaar jejeje
    avuii t cumentuu al fotooloog,,al bloog.. i miraa q noo stiic inspiradaa..
    numees dirtee q t vagiin mool bee les vacancees i q tuu pasiis geniial =)
    i ia taniree cumentaan quaan puguii vaale??
    suposuu q ia ens veureem alguun diia
    un petonaaaas!!


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